Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to be MPPA's focus for all stakeholders. MPPA continued its direct involvements in various social activities focusing on community development, education and environment preservation with long-term cooperative partnerships. Working with several Indonesian NGOs, MPPA reaches out to various communities managing certain programs, especially the effective donation program.


Several aspects of CSR are focused within key categories:
Social and Community Development
MPPA places attention toward social development, especially on community development and education. Regular workshops are conducted for food handling, food safety and food quality as well as other issues for SME. These efforts are expected to yield benefits to MPPA through better knowledge resulting in higher food quality delivered to customers.

Coordinating with its parent shareholder group, MPPA is always at the front line in giving financial aid to students or schools in-need in various regions and helping victims of natural disasters. Donations are provided for less fortunate schools in certain regions through financial aid, books, teaching tools and other helpful materials. In 2016, MPPA, working with its parent shareholder group, continued its donation support aid for 10 national universities and higher education institutions throughout the country and mobilized aid for victims of natural disasters such as the recent earthquake in Aceh region.

Consumer Protection
MPPA always values consumers as the highest priority. It ensures that all products offered at all stores have passed certain quality standards in terms of information, ingredients, packaging and other elements. For compliance, MPPA ensures that products being offered have certifications from the regulatory authority and include data about ingredients, expiration dates and other important information. This is a strong effort aimed at customer protection. Certain refund policies have been in place to ensure customers’ satisfaction with all of their purchases at our stores.

MPPA puts priority on environmental issues in all stores. Certain measures have been taken to foster a better environment surrounding the stores. MPPA actively promotes environment preservation through recycling efforts as well as reducing the usage of plastic bags. MPPA also puts strong emphasis on managing material waste including proper disposal. In addition, MPPA ensures that all standard operating procedures are well communicated, personnel are trained and general information is distributed to all staffs including emergency SOP’s for critical situations.

MPPA & TetraPak
MMPPA also has a CSR program, which focuses on environmental preservation cooperating with TetraPak Indonesia, a leading global food carton box producer. The program name is “One Pact, One Act for Our Earth”. This joint CSR program formed collection centers for used carton boxes at several Hypermart and Foodmart stores, and launched the recycling campaign as a part of an environmental preservation education program. Initiated in 2015 in Greater Jakarta, supported by TetraPak’s partners: Armada Kemasan Nusantara and Waste4Change, and continued in the Bali area in 2016 supported by ecoBali community, this program is representative of MPPA and TetraPak Indonesia’s concern for the surrounding environment, educational platform and sponsoring of real actions and activities to build awareness in support of the environment from Hypermart and Foodmart customers and the public at large. Going into 2017, MPPA will continue the program in these two important regions as well as introduction to newer regions within Java.

MPPA & Unilever
For its CSR’s focus on environmental preservation, MPPA also cooperated with Unilever Indonesia, a leading consumer goods producer in Indonesia and WWF Indonesia for the campaign of 10,000 trees to be planted through the #beliyangbaik campaign. This NEWTrees program will have those new trees planted at Cisarua (West Java), Yogyakarta and Tulungagung (East Java) regions in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, MPPA also cooperated with Unilever Indonesia for another CSR program in 2016. The “Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun” campaign has already built 16 hand-washing facilities at selected public schools in Greater Jakarta and educated children for the proper, clean hand-washing procedures.