Other Social Activities

Other Social Activities

In addition to the above efforts, the Company also has other social activities outside of its regular CSR programs. The Company keeps its main focus toward children’s education and environment issues for its other social activities, which is similar to its CSR. Within 2017, the Company further strengthened its social activities through a continuing cooperation with Dompet Dhuafa, a non-profit social organization in Indonesia, for collecting customers’ donations to refurbish less fortunate schools in several regions and Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua (YPHP) to support childrens’ education and school infrastructure development in remote areas within Papua island.

MPPA & Dompet Dhuafa

In 2017, the Company also continued its cooperation with Dompet Dhuafa through “Program Infaq Via Kasir”. Started in 2006 the program, owned and operated by Dompet Dhuafa, enables consumers and the public at large to provide donations for helping community development programs while shopping. Consumers can donate the shopping cash change, round-up cash change, or direct infaq donations through the cashiers of all Company’s stores. During 2017, this program successfully repaired the infrastructures of several schools and educational institutions which needed the support for revamping their key infrastructures. Additionally, the program also supported the “Perempuan Wira Usaha (Perwira)” campaign, in which it donated initial merchandise for business (from SmartClub) to provide business knowledge development training and accompaniment to 50 SME women to start being independent by opening their first personally owned businesses in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


The Company continued its support to Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua (YPHP), a non-profit organization in Indonesia, for the development of school infrastructure and children’s education in remote areas of Papua island. YPHP conducted a social program of collecting the customer donations, while the Company facilitated its support for the collection from cashiers in all stores. Separately, the Company also gave philanthropic financial donations to the organization. The Company will continue this cooperation with YPHP in 2018 with the expectation for more social contribution toward the children at those remote areas for the opportunity of education.