Corporate Profile


Hypermart continues to expand and aims to capture the growing consumer needs by providing a wide selection of quality household products, a modern shopping environment and the consistency of product offerings with value.

During 2015, Hypermart successfully opened 7 new stores and remodelled 8 existing stores with the latest G7 concept. This demonstrates the Company’s commitment to rollout the G7 concept, launched in late 2014, into more stores in regions across Indonesia. The format features a new and improved store design with emphasis on the customer shopping experience, giving the Company a competitive advantage as the No 1. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) modern retailer in Indonesia.


Foodmart offers its customers the quality, convenience and variety of a full-service fresh food store at an exceptional value.

MPPA further strengthened its Foodmart brand with another milestone through the launch of “Foodmart Primo” concept focusing to upper middle segment with quality, fresh and premium product offerings. The store is located at MaxxBox Lippo Village, Karawaci, Tangerang.

Foodmart Primo is a professionally designed, upmarket store with features such as a large ready to eat section, “boutique” bakery café, imported products and wine station. A wide range of both local and imported fruits and vegetables are available daily in addition to a good selection of beef, poultry, seafood and delicatessen.

Through Foodmart Primo, customers will experience a modern supermarket format with improvements related to store layout and ambience as well as high quality and imported product selections with a focus on providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

In 2016, MPPA rebrands its regular Foodmart supermarkets to Foodmart Fresh. The new concept of Foodmart Fresh will be focusing on the quality and freshness of food products. Additional features at Foodmart Fresh will be meat and seafood counters and an in-house bakery, all of which add up to a complete shopping experience for our customers. The interior has a pleasant green toned touch offering a feeling of freshness in a bright new ambience.


SmartClub has the concept of One Stop Buying, where all business customers’ needs can be met in one place for greater efficiency. A complete line of products are available ranging from fresh products, packaged foods and beverage, electronics, household needs and office stationery and supplies. All of the products are displayed in both single and bulk quantities to serve the business owner.

Small business owners will receive a SmartClub membership card, making them eligible for discounts and other loyalty incentives. For the first time in MPPA, tiered pricing is available for the SmartClub shopper.


Boston Health & Beauty (“Boston”) is MPPA’s modern specialty format focusing on health and beauty.  It provides a total health, wellness and beauty solution for consumers who want to look good and feel great. It also offers a wide range of over-the-counter health care products, home health equipment and beauty products. Today, Boston operates 3 formats across Indonesia: Boston Health, Boston Regular and Boston Combo.


FMX differentiates itself from competition with a wide selection of ready to eat food and beverage and a large assortment of both local and international foods and snacks in addition to a new interpretation of the modern convenience store format in terms of lighting, graphics and store layout. FMX is targeting the middle income consumer segment to meet their needs of top-quality products available close to home or work places.